Be jealous of these looks, ec 

@Cyborgneticz Hahah they are fresh pj's tho

Melancholia n COVID 

@Cyborgneticz Yeah, it definitely is.

I keep intending to start fasting weekly from all aspects of the spectacle (mass media, processed foods, drugs unless I grew them myself, technology unless it's open-source and home built, slave-sewn textiles, etc) but it's so hard. We aren't raised that way. And my 'real world' responsibilities are always pressing though.

Its a different take on fasting. Some people think we have too much pleasure, convenience, ease. I do not think those are problems EXCEPT when they are sourced by exploitation and extraction. Technology and leisure are good. Its not wrong to enjoy life. But how is it sourced? In America, a deal with the devil.

Wishing you strength regarding self-moderation <3 you can always dm me.

Be jealous of these looks, ec 

@Cyborgneticz Hahah freszher than my pajama fits

Probably will migrate to

Reading Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice has re-affirmed my commitment to anarchism.

I don't have to be a capitalist to launch the mesh network of my dreams, my cybernetic pet project. I can make a worker-owned cooperative and build dual power.

It has been very confusing doing business development. I am rubbing shoulders with telco veterans and government officials. Not my first dive into the system, but definitely the deepest and highest I've been. My personal principles and identity have felt compromised.

But it don't have to be that way. I have to sell out, true. But I can sell out to a public community, instead of private investors. Its not a pedantic nuance, its a gaping chasm that is worlds apart.

Forever grateful to the government for radicalizing me. Forever grateful to ecosteader and @indie for welcoming me to the fediverse.

But I'm not really a green thumb. I'm a black heart. And I need to be with my people.

Y'all keep growing.
I'll keep building.
Wᴀɢᴇ Pᴇᴀᴄᴇ
Solidarity forever!

Be jealous of these looks, ec 

@Cyborgneticz F r e s h tee

Melancholia n COVID 

@Cyborgneticz This is very real, I feel it in my bones


Avoiding the spectacle (mass media, intoxicants, etc) is the best response. Do as I say, not as I do.

so glad I picked up Rudolf Rocker's Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice. This whole time I've been worried I'm falling into anarcho-capitalism. Nno. Its all about the worker owned cooperatives. Anti alienation. Earth defense force. Call me Firewall again. LETS GO SOMEWHERE NEW.

rage against the murder of our nature

building steam not breathing easy
resolve the conflict, not like a phoenix
end the burning scraping feeling

food, eating times 

@Cyborgneticz Oh no, that really sucks :( I get stomach aches too but the opposite way hahah

Does the ache trigger a seizure sometimes? Or the hunger?

food, eating times 

@Cyborgneticz No I actually eat to cope with anxiety, I'm not even yoked

food, eating times 

@Cyborgneticz Hahah its so bad tho

food, eating times 

@Cyborgneticz I do the "I ate too late and now I don't have room for second eating" routine uwu

Lived in Oregon off and on for 20+ years, and have experienced many kinds of rainfall: gentle. sullen. pattery. steady. playful. lazy. Barely discernible pinprick microdroplets to name a few ... but nothing compared to how the sky opened up and punctuated the evening last night.

In an inundation of purification, the rain opened up as if from a faucet, and washed volumes of joy over the shimmery streets and sidewalks shortly after the colonists' idols were from their statue posts near Park Blocks in downtown .

Happened to walk by the area shortly after they came down.

Vandalism it is not. The indigenous human bodies who have endured 500+ years of vandalism against their tribes, nations, and communities simply want the average American to wake up to what vandalism really is!

Carving up sacred mountains with the faces of hideous white dudes. Burning down villages. Kidnapping women and performing invasive surgeries on them. Bulldozing sacred burial sites for oil and gas pipelines? THOSE are a more proper definition of vandalism.

The statues were put there to make you forget the centuries genocide, because the average American is so brainwashed by romanticized Euro-centric angle of "American" history.

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. It's time you take a closer look at how the sinister demon of colonialism has infected your local lands, and time to do something about it. It's not surprising that this has finally happened.

Justice for Native peoples isn't going to be pretty or fit in the Realtors' and Landlords' plan to upsell a neighborhood with hipster rents. But is 100 percent necessary to even begin to get close to the truth of the continent on which flag-waving Americans want to live.

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