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pre-covid things that I now find gross 

Getting sick builds character :P


@interneteh That is just twisted.

My class chats in discord during zoom. Kiddo should start an underground server for his class. Fight the power!

US Imperialism 

The fact that "school-to-prison pipeline" is evenly a commonly debated term in our governments, schools, and so-called halls of justice is deeply disturbing... but somehow normalized.

@interneteh Definitely saw a pic of three firefighters with an Antifaschistische Aktion flag.

Think it was on /r/AntifascistsOfReddit

Deleted reddit.
Next: Bank up. Hit the falls.

@interneteh You are an ascended soul.

Me, I'm a filthy savage who re-brews the same grounds two, three, four times. What son? At me.

@indie So I guess if "something went wrong on our end" yes probably? But there's not much detail there y'know

@indie I don't know. I'm trying to reply to/favorite toots on,, and a couple others. It keeps giving me the "We're sorry, something went wrong on our end" error in the pop-up.

Wish I could reliably reply/boost/favorite people on other servers.

Federated networks need to step it up if they are going to compete with centralized networks.

@interneteh Good! Stretch those legs! Do you have a respirator?

@interneteh How are you doing with the smoke down there friend?

@interneteh I haven't played it, but it's a post-post-apoc scifi roleplaying game. A bunch of genetic experiements trying to rebuild from the ashes of their creator's fallen empire. It's definitely got the art on lock, very pretty

@Zuph I wish friend, that's a badass skill set though.

@interneteh Very true, transmission and distribution are huge capital investments and electrifying logistics will require a huge overhaul of that entire network.

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

Fewer than 900 Ecosteader decals exist.

Ecosteader & Company is the only registered B Corp for "Public Benefit" of Turtle Island natives. We are a tiny organization defending against colonial empires EXPLOITING and SILENCING indigenous voices. Fascistbook and Twoetter are genocidal fascist-state companies whose colonial delusions are accelerating destruction of the planet..