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And today's best break-up line goes to...
"Happy father's day babe, tell your kids I did the best thing for their parents"

Back flipping over the couch every time you say "kill all men" is half gag, half performance art, and half self-defense

police brutality, racism, murder 

Those two Atlanta officers completely deserve the charges for murdering Rayshard Brooks. Dude was running AWAY from you. How is that a threat?? He left his car behind. How could he really get away?? He didn't have to lose his life.

According to the video I saw -- not sure if it was the Fulton County DA talking or a police supervisor, he looked just like the guy who was talking to ex-officer Rolfe in the body cam video --- the officers also kicked Rayshard and stood on his shoulders. What the actual fuck?? Why is medical training for cops such a laughably low priority? They're supposed to be first responders for god's sake.

OH: "If the USA saw what is going on in the USA, the USA would invade the USA to free the USA from the USA."

I've always had a difficult time squaring my vocation with doing good in the world, but now I think I've crossed the line where I can no longer really buy into that.

Technocracy isn't improving the world, especially wrt the biggest problems, and most of the aerospace industry is actively making the world worse (even if my little corner isn't).

But I've spent my whole life training on this electrical engineering and code stuff. Where to go from here? Especially where to go without starving.

I have a loving heart but a critical mind.
The way I engage with people does not work online, where I can't use body language and verbal cues to understand when I approaching a line.
I need to stop talking to people I don't know online like they are old friends who understand my perspective and value the relationship enough to maintain it through thorns and thistle.

Went to a today and handed out BLM & antifa stickers.

Saw a lot of people I know including upperclassmen in my major, so that's rad.

The stickers are much better received when I stick to familiar/recognizable iconography, relevant to the current event/purpose, vs. making my own designs for some half baked affinity group.

My roommate put a sticker on a police station window!! And she is NOT the type to pull a stunt like that. Radical!

I think literally everyone except uncontacted indigenous people has blood on their hands. Including me, some whitey on the internet.

It's not an attitude that wins me friends. So I just stew.

Time to do more pushups and go for a jog I guess. Big dogs out there tryna eat us all up.

"Purchasing smoke detectors reveals information on what people are willing to pay to reduce their risk of dying in a fire."

Economic theory of capitalism really out here talking bout how much $$$ people will shell out as a good metric for weight mortality risks... Brutal

Deleted my last toot because of a video being posted wherein someone flashes the plates in questions, says to get them off facebook.. In that case I may have jumped the gun

Kinda feeling like an unpaid, uncertified psychiatrist with a client who won't listen.

Made a wood mold for seedling quad planters -- but mine will be made from ceramic, not plastic. 🔥 🧱 🌱

Aaaand that's my manic episode for the day, time for bed.

"The satisfactions of manifesting oneself concretely in the world through manual competence have been known to make a person quiet and easy.”

The new dat (aka hyper) wants me to validate my website with a twitter.. wtf? All I talk about on twitter is the syrian civil war, it has no relevance to my website at all

Jus got back from the hospital. I put two nails through my left index and middle fingers. I am big brained

I've gone back and forth on .

I was all for it when Andrew Yang came out with the , but then talking to one of my summer campers I heard about how poorly some folx who receive a UBI in the Middle East (Pakistan specifically) treat foreign national service workers - who do NOT receive .

That kind of turned me against it -- I assumed the popular belief that free money made you lazy and entitled was the actual fact.

But after reading that Fourier also argued for a as part of his vision of fulfilling work, I realize this idea goes way further back than , and probably the problems I heard about were more due to having an alien underclass than assurance of income.

So now I'm back to supporting it. I don't expect to SEE it in my lifetime, but hey, WA State's unemployment during is kind of approaching it (you can get $850/wk! Crazy).

"What do you call a system which imposes socialism for those with capital and imposes capitalism for those without?"

Favorites are more about the moment than the memory, huh?

I swear I'm more entertaining at parties... nobody shouts "Worldstar!" over an /internet/ fight, after all.

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