The heavy rain that started last night has begun to relax.

The ground is too saturated to work with today, so time will be spent on other tasks.

Now that things have been transplanted into the barber-alley bed, I have more free containers, so I'll be moving the blackberries and raspberries into repurposed laundry bags. They've been sending up suckers like crazy, which is perfect for filling up more spaces with productive berry bushes.

There will be enough containers to replant some of the herbs into more varied and densely planted containers, and maybe some of the native ornamentals will get replanted, as well.

Three wood pallets were gifted that will be converted into containers - they'll probably be planted with lettuce and peas to start with.

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It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any white dudes as a "Chief" Executive Officer. Get out of here and fix the problems plaguing Europe before trying to kill the indigenoUS Earth.

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