2011 Longest Walk 3 Northern Route

Indigenous people ran and walked across the US from Portland Oregon to DC. 5 months and 5500 miles. We made it safely there and back home. This video is the beginning of the journey.


May Day 2012 Portland OR
Protesting downtown PDX. Horse cops were out. Indigenous folks from south of the so called border were arrested in their High School graduation gowns.


In solidarity with Umatilla Tribe
Resist the Mega Loads
Dec 23, 2013-Pendleton Oregon


Rose City Antifa 2012

Rose City Antifa uncovered an event by Holocaust and Neo-fascist David Irving. He was shut down by Antifa.


There's a revolution Coming!

I organized a chapter of Native Youth Movement in Shiprock New Mexico. Then I directed and shot a Hip Hop music video to stop the Desert Rock Power Plant from being built on the Dine` (Navajo) Homeland. I found a group of Dine` that were willing to join NYM and make a difference in our community. I continue to organize in Dine`tah. People's Land and for Mother Earth.


A Journalist Journey-Water is life.

Getting pulled over by Morton County Police to building a Tiny House to getting arrested in Feb 23rd, 2017


2012 Canoe Journey

Pacific NW Indigenous people going back to the old ways the traditional canoe. 7th generations taking back the old ways. Every year they celebrate and pray.


June 29, 2019
White Supremacy came into Portland to show their power, but people counter rally them. Copz were supporting the white supremacy. We kicked out the foolz!!!


Kanaka speaking at Perfect Harmony in Hilo Hawaii. Talking about land, food and Language. We were there supporting and camping at the road block on Mauna Kea.



Kanaka speaking about his culture Kanaka Hawaii. The foods and language.


J20 Trump is 45 Prez and cops were out shooting people with pepper balls. Meanwhile DAPL is waiting for him to sign an executive order to allow DAPL to continue construction. Obama halted until the executive order. So Water Protectors heading back to Oceti Oyate soon for clean up and dismantling the Tiny Houses we built there and giving them away to folks who need them.


NOV 4TH, 2017

Rally in the Pearl District. Joey Gibson shows up with his Alt-Right group. Older white lady stands up to them. Portland Oregon. Nov 4 2017. No Facism Rally at the Pearl District and March thru downtown, Water Front Park. Blocked by cops at Hawthorne. Rally at the Water Front. Conversations with White supremacy.


AntiFa agitates Alt-Right Rally in Portland Oregon. January 20, 2018.


Alt-Right foolz marching thru Portland being protected by Copz.


August 4, 2018. Alt-Right and Counter Protest in Portland Oregon. Attacked by Copz.


White supremacy Rally in Portland Oregon. August 4th, 2018. I smudge myself down with sage and became invisible which I already am in the eyes of Amerikkka. I wanted to see what the Alt-Right was saying and doing on their side. The Cops were there checking pool sticks that were made into flag poles.


Passing out fliers in downtown Portland Oregon. Blocking downtown traffic near City Hall. Pissing people off. I missed the shot but 1 dude behind me in a car almost ran over people.


People feeding people. We don't need permits to feed the homeless folks. I used to live on the streets and had to panhandled to feed myself. I'm off the streets now to help feed the sisters and brother who need support. Lighting sage for our Indigenous and Black relatives.


Organized by youth from Lincoln and Roosevelt High schools. Hosted by Sunrise Movement PDX & Portland Climate Strike. National Climate Strike in Portland Oregon.


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