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I think we laugh at social media and denigrate it because social media is feminizing. This is partly because social media, by design and purpose, is oriented towards socializing, which is a feature of domestic labor, and all that socializing implies: nurturing , connection, caring; all actions considered feminine. But I think it is also feminizing in one other crucial way: Social media asks us to see ourselves as we are seen, to construct an image of ourself as we must appear to outsiders. That is, social media asks us to consider a gaze not our own. This is a process that women have undergone for generations, ever since the rise of patriarchy and the male gaze.

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Should you care about the Puffin? Alaska was where I attended kindergarten 33 years ago; it is a place very dear to my heart.

I most certainly do care about the gentle Puffin, so this was some difficult news to read... 😒

The Puffin population in Alaska are starving to death over the warming Bering Sea.

"It wasn't hard to work out the likely cause behind such an unusual surge in deaths. Necropsies on several of the bodies confirmed they were emaciated, with severe loss of mass in their wing muscles.

Ruling out various toxins and illnesses, it was fair to say the birds simply starved to death."

"More than half the population living around the local islands may have died. And, if the higher estimates are accurate, it's possible nearly all of the puffins died in this single event."

Source: sciencealert.com/the-climate-c

Image Source: phys.org/news/2018-06-threats-


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It's sunscreen season here, so here's some reef-protecting tips this year:
Coral absorbs nanoparticles (oxybenzone, octinoxate) in skin care products, bleaching them.
You can:
πŸ”† Wear hats/protective clothing to reduce the sunscreen you need to wear.
πŸ”† Avoid aerosols.
πŸ”† Seek shade.
πŸ”† Check your sunscreen/skin care:
This lab lists which sunscreens are nano-free.
Environmental Working Group report on products safer for you AND the environment.

Super cool collection of resources relating to "...open source technology for agriculture, farming, and gardening": github.com/beaorn/awesome-agri


Ecosteader is a network for builders, designers, and innovators of "green" or eco-friendly habitats, gardens, homesteads, farms, artwork, and more. Participate in ecological democracy by designing and building your local communities around sustainable practices. We put shared soil first: because you can't be an #ecologist without being an activist. First Amendment rights to free, political speech are among the truths we hold to be self-evident. Please keep boycotting HomeDepot!