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Ecological Democracy begins locally

Ecosteader is a Public Benefit Company with a non-profit mission: to raise awareness of the ecological and economical benefits of ecosteading. An Ecosteader is one who recognizes that humans are but one user of shared soil. Shared caretaking of soil and watershed areas surrounding either urban rural environments improves the overall ecosystem. All the creatures that are not humans -- from birds to fish to flora to fauna -- benefit from cleaner waters and soils.

We are anti-Realtors, anti-landlords, and against corrupt politicians.

Instead, we promote practical, simple, and earth-friendly stewardship of lands, including nature preservation areas, habitat restoration areas, and America's public lands. We're supportive of efforts in county-level infrastructure, where laws and shared community vision and goals can be articulated and implemented by the residents themselves through democratic processes. We are staunchly anti-HOA; HOAs divert of what should be publicly-accountable taxpayer dollars for infrastructure into private and often corrupt coffers.

To find out more, you should Quit Twitter and join Ecosteader to start participating in Ecological Democracy. It begins locally. One example of a community active with ecological principles: Documents and Templates

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