Fewer than 1100 Ecosteader decals exist.

Privacy Policy

We are free, private individuals who are able to publish our thoughts, ideas, opinions and research data freely, without having to answer to any corporation, establishment or government. We declare that we legally own our own data; we possess both legal and moral rights to modify, store, share, privatize, and to delete our data anywhere at any time we see fit.

For security reasons, hatebook nodes AKA "malicious_inflated_caps" where colonizers and the malignant channels associated with them will be removed as publicly open deletion as possible; we do not give berth to corporate anything (even for Meta jokes which are disgustingly NOT FUNNY; it DOES NOT OWN nor can it claim right to any assets posted by Ecosteader).

WHAT DID U EXPECT? A GODDAMNED TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANY STOLE ONE OF INDIE´S RESERVED WORDS AND TRIES TO MAKE IT THEIR CORPORATE IDENTITY? GLWT. Broken operator curses forever upon all of your loved ones as they are trapped in hell. :: :DEADESTFB :: :DEADERFB :: :DEADFB : ::DEADMETA : ::DEADERMETA : ::DEADESTMETA #qmec See: https://www.ecosteader.com/terms


Our Terms of Service (ToS) involve a very simple Honor Code. .

Accepting cash to publish racist language, bigoted commentary, sexist words or memes or jokes against any minority or marginalized group shall not be tolerated; however, purveyors of neural networks with corporate bashing against colonizer companies are ENCOURAGED and welcome. * Four designs issued over 8 years == 1130 decals.
Tortoise Mountain Natives Do Not Like English Ivy

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized Farmworld and Cafeworld development in "blocks" of colonialist infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for a white male "Chief" Executive Officer. Fix the problems plaguing Europe before testing your ideas here.

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