There are less than 900 Ecosteader decals in existence*.

Who may join this network?

Native Americans / First Nations people / other indigenous language speakers (students learning their ancestral native language(s)) are welcome in this community. Ecosteader & Company is a registered B Corp for "Public Benefit"; we are transparent in our disgust of colonial cash; we do not accept colonist cash to show advertisement. We dedicate our work to the survival of indigenous languages, artists, native plants, four-leggeds, water protectors, land defenders.

Decolonization is required for survival.

Privacy Policy

We are free, private individuals who are able to publish our data freely, without having to answer to any corporation. We declare that we legally own our own data; we possess both legal and moral rights to modify, store, share, privatize, and to delete our data anywhere at any time we see fit. As is the case with the Internet domain name system, lists of available user feeds should be restricted by our standard of technical excellence and protocols only. For security reasons colonizers and the malignant channels associated with individual colonial vectors can and will be removed for violations; we do not give a wide berth to big corp anything. (see also: #qmec). See:

The details, hereafter referred to as TERMS, are outlined below; please read the TERMS very carefully.


Our Terms of Service (ToS) involve a very simple Honor Code.

Racist language, bigoted commentary, sexist words or memes or jokes against any minority or marginalized group are not tolerated; however, purveyors of neural networks with corporate bashing against colonizer companies are ENCOURAGED and welcome.
Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

Fewer than 900 Ecosteader decals exist.

Ecosteader & Company is the only B Corp for "Public Benefit" of Turtle Island natives. We are a tiny organization defending native voices, art, lands, against exploitative billion dollar colonizer cash-driven companies and the social media empires they rely upon: Fascistbook and Twoetter. As young, arrogant whitemanz CEO companies continue to suppress and oppress the genocidal history of the US ... as they deny our existence and continually attempt to erase from common knowledge and memory the factual history of Turtle Island's colonization, murder, and ongoing genocide of Turtle Island's native peoples continues.         Learn more about this server, or read and share our free eZine..

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