@salixlucida That database is managed by Tableau, which was bought by Salesforce. Salesforce conveniently left itself off that list. It is one of the most evil offenders.

@salixlucida There's already ample evidence that it was actively involved in increasing the use of private "for profit" prisons.


It's also an that Salesforce was knowingly involved in sex trafficking.

"“The evidence in this case is astounding,” the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Annie McAdams, told Rolling Stone. “[Salesforce] knew who Backpage was, yet they continued to take Backpage’s money, and they helped Backpage become a $500 million company that openly prostituted people.”"

Source: rollingstone.com/culture/cultu



So where does Salesforce show up on that site? How was it contracting with the government? Where is its accountability? The laws say that taxpayers' government funds must be public, disclosed openly.

Somebody should tell Salesforce that murdering "suicide" Jeffrey Epstein still doesn't get them out of their own mess.

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