A long overdue intro to the Fediverse... I Quit Twitter in May 2017 after realizing its role in birdshitting on democracy.

Finally finished building my own Apache-friendly Mastodon instance. Since I am a FIRM believer that topic-based discussion (( ❤️ reddit)) is better than the cult of personality, I'm designing @ecosteader.com to facilitate topic-based ecoLOGICAL discussion about our planet in peril. Hope to recruit @elonmusk, @WilWheaton and maybe... offer some support to #EarthStrike


@leona_ @elonmusk

Call for Justice!

Yes every day. Yes, until the universe echoes, and then some

Consider that everything factual in history must eventually decelerate


"We told them it's in our DNA and they didn't believe us"

respect no destroyer of Mother Earth's habitats.

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Ecosteader is an indigenous-friendly community to design, build, and innovate "green" or eco-friendly spaces: wildlife-friendly gardens, micro-homesteads, off-grid communities, artwork, and more. We participate in Ecological Democracy by designing and building our local communities around the health of our shared soil which can only be achieved via sustainable practices. We oppose anyone and anything that supports Trump, the Realtor network, racists, fascists, or rent-seeking landlords. And please keep boycotting Home Depot!