Another plant from the hikes w/the niece and nephew last year has been identified.

"From seed, Lilium columbianum requires three to five years to mature."

"Coast Salish, Nuu-chah-nulth and most western Washington peoples steamed, boiled or pit-cooked its bulbs. Bitter or peppery-tasting, they were mostly used as a flavoring, often in soup with meat or fish"

Coast Salish art revival:

"At the time, Coast Salish art was like a great novel, torn up and tossed to the wind.

“Northern art was the predominant style, probably because northern communities were less impacted by early contact,” Point writes.

But while taking a jewelry-making course at Vancouver Community College, Kew’s niece started to understand more about Coast Salish art. And almost immediately, she felt she wanted to revive it.

And so, over a kitchen table, Point drew the grizzly and sockeye that were incorporated into the city’s coast of arms.

“I was fascinated to see her take hold of what she had learned and turn it around and make it work in her own art,” Watt says.

Since then she’s created storm sewer lids and designed the Water Guardians at Hazelgrove Park in Surrey, an umbrella-shaped installation rippled with frogs."

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If you haven't had a good cry yet today regarding, you know, colonialism's destruction of this beautiful planet with living things on it, take a minute to learn about this Coast Salish artist. He made some art to honor the orca mother that carried her dead calf for seventeen days.

"Family, friends and fans are mourning the loss of internationally-recognized Penelakut Coast Salish artist Gus Modeste, who died ... at the age of 44."

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Another artwork honoring the same momma whale, from Robert "Running Fisher" Upham in Olympia. Good to know art sub genres needn't be broken into such fine refinement as Coast vs Interior.

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