The temperature differentials are clashing in longer strides.

Likely too dangerous to fly? Turbulence among these currents will probably be especially unpredictable.

"Temperatures have been running as much as 20 to 30 degrees or more above normal in most locations east of the Mississippi River, creating dozens of record highs."

"More than 267,000 customers between Arkansas and Ohio lacked power Saturday evening, according to, which aggregates information from hundreds of electric utilities.

With roughly 300 total reports of severe weather (damaging winds, hail or tornadoes) thus far, it is the largest severe weather event of 2020 to date, and the most significant since an outbreak in December across much the same region."

Snow is amazing in that it can pack some "punch" into landscapes.

levels in the regions we mentioned last week

Knowing what's already flooding on the ground, a forecast model (or two or three) indicates_ to expect exacerbating circumstances in the short-term.

"Non-primitive man who no understand math _really_ no understand math." ~ Anonymous Sasquatch

Hmmm . . .

What percent of the US is at significant risk for "major" flooding?

Included here is a nice compilation of maps and data points to think about. Keen powers of observation bestowed unto the decolonized ...

Is it time to start shorting insurance companies? Since the results of climate change seem to be falling on deaf ears, and since they keep going on doing the same shit... it might make sense.

Maybe anything that gets the colonists out quicker is fair game?

The USGS updates the long-range flood outlook regularly. Compared to only 9 days ago, things are considerably more dire for a significantly larger region than they previously predicted.

While much of the northern area may currently be cold or snow, temperatures are soaring in the south. Again, the drastic difference in atmospheric temperatures as fronts collide creates instability, stronger and longer storms.

The other day there was a story about some biz guys trying to convince people in one of these areas to buy flood insurance. Really? How hard is it for cancer patients trying to buy health insurance after the fact? They end up paying more than they can ever hope to get back. Indeed, there's an entire group of scumbags who have no talent (these are what modern society calls "insurance agents") preying on others. Clearly, "your" claim is not going to be the only one they're going to have to pay out amid this manmade disaster.

Nobody can buy their way to a safe future. Those inbred whitebred "farmers" in the article who were whining about their 2800 acres being underwater ... how laughable is it that they're trying to blame "the environmentalists"?

Anyone living in the East worried about this yet?

Five days ago, the long-range flood outlook for the eastern US was showing "only" 235 gauges with the least severe expectation of "minor" flooding during the next 3 months:

Orange = minor
Red = moderate
Purple = major

Today it is 377. See full thread of posts for context.

65 > 50% major flood risk
108 > 50% moderate flood risk
377 > 50% minor flood risk


The low-latitude frost line today saving lives.

Also: adding another update on the long-term gauges, for thread-friendlier reading pattern matching.

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